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Our wines are dedicated to hockey lovers, hockey parents and, of course, wine lovers. Our goal is to produce ambitious wines with top rated quality taste and prices that will have you cheering for more. Village Cheese, located in Armstrong, provide our wines with the perfect cheese pairing.                                                                           

SLAPSHOT CHARDONNAY (SS):                                                                                              $18.00

The bouquet follows through to the palate, where it is accented by hints of very floral Honeysuckle and Orange Blossoms. Our unoaked Chardonnay is fruit forward with crisp Green Apples, Pineapple, ripe juicy Peaches and sweet Melon and Apricot blasts. Its pale yellow color suggests summer time in the Okanagan.

POINT SHOT PINOT GRIS (PS):                                                                                              $18.00

Our Pinot is like a point shot quickly snapping your unware palate with blasts of Cool Lemon, Zesty Lime, Tropical Pineapple and Refreshing Pink Grapefruit. The nose is similar but with a hint of Jasmine and Plump Gooseberries. Crafted in crisp off dry style with brillant color of yellow straw.

OVER THE TOP MERLOT (OT):                                                                                                 $20.00

Our Merlot is like overtime in a hockey game.  It demands your palate immediate attention. The bouquet explodes with Black Cherries, Red Plums, lucious Ruby Red Raspberries and Puck size Blackberries. Rich, full-bodied and aged in French Oak,  our Merlots silky tannins will have you seeing referee stripes with hints of White Pepper and Black Liquorice. 

PENALTY SHOT BLUSH (PSB):                                                                                                 $19.00

Penalty Shot Blush rushes all five of your senses to a new level. Strawberries, Cherry Blossoms overwhelm you with a captive bouquet. Refreshing Cream Soda lingers while you chill out.

HAT TRICK MERITAGE (HT):                                                                                                    $33.00

Three quick puck blasts of Blackberries, Juicy Red Plums, Ruby Red Cherries, rush to jam your five senses. You are rocked as deep purple, ruby red wine rises, swirls and clutches in your glass. Announcing [GAME ON]. You will be finished off with a long linger of Smokey Chocolate  and Anise. Your taste buds are stretched into a MISCONDUCT of Spice and Black Pepper.



G A M E   O N                              COME AND ENJOY OUR DELICIOUS WINES!